After 30 km of speedway you reach Jesi, the once known as “Aesis”, probably founded by the Umbrians, important Roman colony since 247 B.C. In the year 409 was conquered and destroyed, first by Goths ,then by Longobards. In the year 756 revived under Pipino’s donation to the Church.

In the 11th century became Commune ; under the Swabians (here Frederic II was born) was a Ghibelline town until Manfredi. In 1305 passed to the Church. In 1328 the town got back to the Imperial side and became allied of Osimo in order to fight against Ancona . In 1477, under the Church dominion, won against Ancona. It was one of the first towns of Italy to introduce the typographic art.In 1472 Federico de Conti from Verona printed the Divine Comedy. Worth visiting: Art Gallery, Statue and Archaeology Museum.

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