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If the tickets available online are sold out, it is still possible to buy them at the Ticket Office of the Caves. Admission is guaranteed.
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ATTENTION! Tickets ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, in case of non-use or arrival after the time written on the ticket. It will therefore be necessary to pay another ticket for a subsequent tour.
Access to dogs is allowed only with a pet carrier, not on a leash. For large dogs, 3 concrete dog boxes with a lockable front grille with padlock are available at the ticket office parking lot.
Located in a safe and shady place, they are not guarded. The visitor can use the pit space for a limited period of time for the visit to the cave, it cannot be booked and availability is requested once they arrive on site.

Frasassi Experiences

Frasassi ExperiencesThe iFrasassi application is the ideal tool for the tourist who visits the Frasassi Caves and surroundings. An extraordinary immersive multimedia medium that allows you to visit the Caves from home: in fact, it is possible to make a journey completely immersed in the underground complex and its surroundings through 360 ° virtual reality just as if you were already inside.
By inserting the SmartPhone inside a CardBoard and / or any viewer prepared for the VR360, simply tilting and rotating the head will be like being inside the Caves, a unique and real sensorial experience.
iFrasassi in addition to providing all the information necessary for the visit inside the Caves, will enable the user to enjoy the audio and video guides in the various internal listening points that are encountered during the visit. The IFrasassi App has a geo-location automation, both external and internal to the Caves, capable of positioning itself in the audio reference guide based on the user's position in the various listening points along the entire route. By disabling the automation, it is still possible to manually access all the contents present within the APP and through a QRCode reader it is possible to have all the information only by framing the relevant Codes with the SmartPhone where present.
Leaving the Caves, and wanting to visit the Museums of Genga and San Vittore, with the automation activated, it is sufficient to approach the relative location to activate the listening functions of the various Audio Guides present.
In addition, in some situations and places, the App is able to enable the camera of your smartPhone and in the event of a contest, it allows the inclusion of posts in the Frasassi Social Wall as well as in FaceBook or Twitter. Are you in front of the Basilica of San Vittore? If you post a selfie it will be directly online, you can share it and let your friends vote with the opportunity to participate in contests and win free stays in many tourist locations in the Marche.
The IFrasassi App allows you to view all the video content present on the WebTV and follow all the events and manifestations that take place inside the Caves and / or in the surrounding area in LiveStreaming in classic mode and / or in VR360 °. The APP informs and guides the tourist in any activity he intends to undertake; it is a fundamental tool for obtaining information on all the activities in the surroundings of the Frasassi Caves: adventure parks, museums, naturalistic excursions, hotels, restaurants, farmhouses, bicycle rental.

Audioguide Grotte di Frasassi

AudioguideThe Audioguide iFrasassi application is the ideal tool for the tourist who visits the Frasassi Caves.
iFrasassi The Audioguide contains the audio guides of the Frasassi Caves in English, French, Spanish and German languages.
When you are inside the caves and you are in front of a QRCode, you can simply press the relevant button and so the correct audio guide will automatically be activated.