Frasassi Consortium


Genga Town Council, after the discovery of the big wind cave and after several meetings with the speleologists of the Marches, the first of August 1972 called a conference, together with Marches Region , other County Corporations and the participation of Castellana Caves' Mayor , in order to set the premises for the constitution of a Society for the utilisation and protection of the caves.

Late in 1972, Genga Town Council entrusted a group of technicians with the task of making a project for both the utilisation and the protection. Again late in 1972, Genga and Ancona Province agreed on the constitution of the society, called “CONSORZIO DI FRASASSI”. On July 21st 1973, “Consorzio Frasassi” Assembly approved the project. Operations began on January 21st 1974, the artificial hall tunnel Ancona, 223 metres long, was finished on May 23rd 1974 ; all the operation ended on August 30th 1974. Ancona abyss was open to public on September 1st 1974 when 3.000 tourists entered.