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Virtual Reality Lab

Virtual Reality Lab

Once again technology and science join forces in a project that arises from the precious collaboration with researchers and professors of the Geology section of the University of Camerino. An engaging, interactive and stimulating experience that will allow students, through
VR viewers Oculus Quest 2, to fully immerse themselves in the educational content in a fun and innovative way, to discover the rooms of the Frasassi Caves not accessible to the public and to address important issues such as hydrogeological instability.

The topics:

  1. Water and Rock formation
    This first module illustrates the depositional and evolutionary history of the rocks that make up the Frasassi gorge, which formed below sea level starting 200 million years ago. The large earthquakes of the past then pushed these sediments up above sea level.

  2. Water and modeling of the Territory
    Following the emergence of the area in a subaerial environment, the rocks were subjected to the erosive action of meteoric, fluvial and karst processes, which shaped the landscape, giving it the marvelous geomorphological structure that can be admired today.

  3. Karst Water and SpeleoGenesis
    In this module, we go into detail about karst phenomena, the chemical process that led to the formation of the caves. The various karstic processes that have acted in Frasassi in the past and which are still in progress are illustrated.

  4. Water and Anthropic Attendances
    The rugged landscape of Frasassi boasts many different morphologies, which have been able to accommodate various types of human presence since the past: hermitages and sanctuaries built between the cliffs, caves and ravines used as places of worship and veneration, valley floor plains on which to set up villages and settlements.

  5. Water and Speleothemes
    During their journey in the subsoil, the waters acquire calcium carbonate from the minerals dissolved in the rock and, once they reach a cavity, they release a small part of it as a precipitate, due to the pressure variations in which it was located. This is how the concretions, also called speleothems, originate, among the most important we mention stalactites and stalagmites.

  6. Virtual journey through the territory of Genga to discover its treasures: the Castle of Genga, the Frasassi Gorge, the temple of Valadier, San Vittore, Pierosara.

  7. Emotional virtual journey inside the Frasassi Caves and in areas not accessible to the public.