Blue path

If the tickets available online are sold out, it is still possible to buy them at the Ticket Office of the Caves. Admission is guaranteed.
Buy in tickets.frasassi.com
ATTENTION! Tickets ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, in case of non-use or arrival after the time written on the ticket. It will therefore be necessary to pay another ticket for a subsequent tour.
Access to dogs is allowed only with a pet carrier, not on a leash. For large dogs, 3 concrete dog boxes with a lockable front grille with padlock are available at the ticket office parking lot.
Located in a safe and shady place, they are not guarded. The visitor can use the pit space for a limited period of time for the visit to the cave, it cannot be booked and availability is requested once they arrive on site.
about 2 hours. - E’ necessaria la prenotazione.

The following suggested journey is suitable to everyone because there are not so many difficulties to face and it represents the first step to enter in the speleological world. The visit includes brief climbings, drifts, narrow passages and slides. It is important to pay attention to the disconnected and sometimes slippery ground. The alternative itinerary begins from the "neverending hall", the last hall of the classical touristic visit, and goes on with the narrow passage of Tap to join "the four sisters hall". A long tunnel leads to the Finland hall.

Ready to get dirty!! The next obstacle to overcome is a long drift where mud is the king!! Dirty but happy we arrive in the "Camping out hall". Just a little bit of rest, two souvenir photos and ready again to go on. Every kind of techniqueo is accepted to cross this passage: the most common technique is the so called "of backside". Now we are in the hall of Gentile da Fabriano and at the wells of Lucia where there is a beautiful detail: Leopard skins. We are already at the end of our itinerary. Now, going by another way, that you will discover as soon as you will come to visit us, we start the return itinerary.

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