Red path

about 3 hours - E’ necessaria la prenotazione.

This second following itinerary is more difficult than the first one. We suggest to take part to this touring only to whom has already experience and loves adventure. Also this itinerary begins from the Neverend Hall. After the first meters, barring the way, there is a chasm 30 m deep called "Falconara well"; You will be with safety-catch on (through a climber’s rope), passing on the left and not looking down, the first obstacle has been overcame!! Now we are at "low drift".

Look out at your head!!! Now there are 30 metres to walk on hands and knees and then after ups and downs we find another obstacle to cross: we have to climb up 10 m along a slippery tunnel called "splits slope". Always with safety-catch on and helped by the guides we are ready to climb and sweat. Passing through a long passage we reach to the hall of “stage”, of “molar tooth” and of "the elephant". Do you like narrow passages? Here you meet one. Thirty metres of narrow passage called Catacombs. We are at the end of our tour , and now we have to go back to discover other surprises.

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