If the tickets available online are sold out, it is still possible to buy them at the Ticket Office of the Caves. Admission is guaranteed.
Buy in tickets.frasassi.com
ATTENTION! Tickets ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, in case of non-use or arrival after the time written on the ticket. It will therefore be necessary to pay another ticket for a subsequent tour.
Access to dogs is allowed only with a pet carrier, not on a leash. For large dogs, 3 concrete dog boxes with a lockable front grille with padlock are available at the ticket office parking lot.
Located in a safe and shady place, they are not guarded. The visitor can use the pit space for a limited period of time for the visit to the cave, it cannot be booked and availability is requested once they arrive on site.

The caving tours available are two and are meant only for people who are at least 12 years.
These caving tours have the following characteristics:
The blue tour (2 hours long) costs 35 Euros and it is considered to be an easy tour.
The red tour (3 hours long) costs 45 Euros and has more difficult and narrower passages.
The prices include two specialized caving guides and the equipment (an overalls, an helmet with headlight and boots). Underneath the overalls you should wear a normal training suit and cotton sport socks. We advise you to bring a change of clothes, because you might get wet during the tour, and all the necessary to take a shower here, if you would like to use our showers, available in the fitting rooms at the cave entrance. Please, bring also with you a pair of gardening gloves, since if you touch the stalagmites with your bare hands, you will damage them permanently.
The tours are normally scheduled at 9:30 am or 3:00 pm; but you have to arrive at least one hour in advance in order to have enough time to buy tickets, take our free shuttle bus that brings you from the parking area to the cave entrance and to change your clothes. Further recommendations: in order to take part to the caving tours, you should not suffer from claustrophobia, heart diseases and you should not be overweight.

To book call the numbers: +39 0732 90090 (ask about Graziano o Vittorio)